Mercator Land Surveying, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in geomatics.  We are solely devoted to conducting surveys and performing all types of survey-related work in the New York City/New Jersey metro area.

One of a select group of land surveying firms headquartered in New York City, we know the five boroughs intimately and are never far from our projects.  We are licensed to conduct surveys in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Mercator Land Surveying’s commitment to positioning itself in the avant garde of land surveying and guiding the profession’s future direction means that we continually seek new approaches and novel ways to apply our work to related disciplines.  We defy the conventional.

A hallmark of Mercator’s practice is that we train our staff for competency in the field and in the office.  Consequently, our operations are seamless and our field-to-office information transfers are fluid and integrated.  Often, integrating both sides of the field/office equation can be a challenge in engineering.  With Mercator’s holistic approach, we minimize these barriers so that nothing is ‘lost in translation.’

Our clients, large and small, public and private, all value and benefit from Mercator’s focus on clarity and quality.  It is the guiding principle of our work.  Understanding the context of a survey within the larger assignment, how it will be used by other professionals, and communicating what we find in a versatile and robust manner so that is understandable to all members involved – at all stages in a project’s life cycle – informs the way we approach a commission.

We have a lot of enthusiasm for our work, are proud of the wide-ranging breadth, complexity, and scope of our projects.  And we are passionate about redefining the traditional bounds of the surveying profession.